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Project 365For those of you who might still have this site tagged in an RSS feed or any other means of following it, you've noticed that it's been eerily quiet for about the past year.  This is because Erica started her Project 365 Blog, and she's been religious about posting there daily.  You can find it at  She found that WordPress made it incredibly easy, so it's got its own site rather than being a category here.

That being said, this page is not completely dying.  It's become more simply a portal for the rest of our stuff.  The recipe database, photo gallery, etc. are all linked here, and if we have anything else to add it will be linked here as well.

Thanks for following!

Reflections on a Baptism

Water is necessary for life.  A large percentage of the planet is covered in water and it comprises nearly all of our body's content.  It slakes our thirst, cleans our body and irrigates our fields to provide food to nourish us.

ImageIn Genesis, however, a flood came and washed away most of creation.  The waters and storms caused the disciples to fear, until Jesus calmed the sea.  Throughout the Bible, water is a symbol of chaos, death and sin.  Yet the very first recorded miracle of Jesus was the transformation of water into wine, demonstrating God's power over sin.  It was Peter's faith that enabled him to walk on water, and our faith that gives us victory in Jesus.

Fire is necessary for life.  In the cold of winter it warms our bodies.  We cook food to nourish our bodies.  We harness it to forge metal for tools and materials to improve our lives.

God revealed Himself to Moses in a burning bush.  God led the children of Israel out of bondage by a pillar of smoke and fire.  Tongues of flame licked the foreheads of the Apostles at Pentecost, revealing their Testimony to all men in their own language.

It is uniquely appropriate that Laura's candle should fall into the Baptismal font, yet still emerge and take the flame, haltingly at first, but with ever increasing strength.  Though life presents challenges and chaos, it is God's Grace that shines through and gives us peace.  May Laura be a lamp that ever shines the Light of God. 

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